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Vergis “Sunshine” Bourgeois

Vergis Bourgeois, Jr. known by most as “Sunshine” has been a leader in Holistic Healing and Wellness for over 3 decades. Sunshine tours internationally, presenting his inspirational messages and meditative healing techniques.  Although he graduated with a BS in Electronics from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA, he began his journey into wellness when he was in search of a holistic path to improve his own body temple.  He has supported, mentored and trained thousands of people how to safely transition off of meat to a whole foods plant based diet.  He is devoted to teaching whole foods nutrition in an easy, friendly, non-intimidating way. By simply building a healthy relationship with wholesome foods he believes there is no need to follow a restrictive “diet” or recipes. His approach teaches you to commit to supplying your body with only the highest quality delicious whole foods (and superfoods) and reaping the benefits of increased energy and vitality.  Sunshine enjoys using his knowledge and training of herbs, nutrition, fasting and iridology to assist others learn skills for their soul’s evolvement, healing, transformation, and fulfillment to attain optimal health.

Additionally, Sunshine trained with some of the industry’s greatest minds and highly respected practitioners such as:

  • Dr. Paul Goss – Iridology and Herbs
  • Dick Gregory – Diet and fasting
  • Dr. Aris LeTham – Juicing and Raw
  • Dr. L. Africa – Nutrition

Sunshine health food store in Houston offers weekly lectures, vegetarian deli, consultation, iridology and all of Newbody herbs.

Sunshine provides in-depth investigatory consultations, creates formulas using Newbody herbs and does Iridology readings for long-term health.

By appointment Sunshine can:

  • Read the Eyes
  • Foot Detox
  • Frequency reading
  • Holistic consultation
  • Foot squeeze
  • Setup Detox program
  • Teach food preparation
  • Many other healing modalities

He attributes his high sense perception to his body continuously talking to him and asserts we all can achieve the same level of awareness.  PEACE!