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Ricki Lee McKenna, CN

My purpose is to educate, inform and empower. I encourage people to make their choices from a perspective of health and wholeness – so they may partake in the abundance the Universe has to offer all of us.

I stimulate hearts and inspire minds to listen for the answers -from within – through: education and fun as a Certified Dream Builder Coach; pose evocative questions, empower with tools to realize new paradigms and lifestyle choices for living well.

And then as their coach, assist in clarifying dreams and creating a plan with real tools for healing* and on-growing health and well-being. I’m their messenger and cheerleader…

I am so happy and grateful now that I am speaking in front of as many diverse audiences as possible each month, beginning in October 2019. These venues include speaking and facilitating seminars, retreats, workshops business groups, social clubs, networking groups, women’s groups and others, with whom I share the information with passion, compassion and love.

From these talks I attract private nutrition clients for on-going consultations, Dream Builder Coaching clients and referrals for more seminars, retreats and workshops, in Texas, Colorado and around the planet.

I am successful in my work and continue to look for and experience economic prosperity, security, abundance in all forms including increasing financial rewards and increasing support and rave reviews for my work.

I am moving forward in my life, and my work. I continue to experience growth in all ways with wisdom, compassion, intuitive fun, creative solutions and love, Thank you God.