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We CARE for those who CARE for others.

It’s your  turn to be listened to, cared for and supported.  After all, when was the last time you put yourself first?

Our advanced training in human behavior and coaching enables us to provide targeted professional and personal guidance. In addition, our extensive corporate, entrepreneurial and nursing experience allows us to quickly absorb and deeply understand complex business challenges and work stress.

Our approach is simple….we listen!

Then by being curious, we ask questions that allow you to gain insights and expand your awareness.

We bring a grounded, realistic, and thorough approach of looking at your business as a whole by diagnosing where your business is at in its development today, exactly where you want it to be, and together we establish the pathway to get there. While we will address acute symptoms in your business/life, the real key is to discover how those chronic ailments got there in the first place so that they don’t happen again.


To be a catalyst for life transformation for healthcare professionals by providing a holistic approach to business management and training. Through utilization of our services which address the mind, body and spirit, healthcare professionals maximize their peak performance enabling them to better care for their patients.

Our Logo

The Stick figure with his hands spread out represents the freedom to express joy when we experience life in harmony and balance. Holistic healing starts from the inside out.  Only to the measure that we ourselves are healed can we help others to heal.

The tips of the pyramid represent the mind, body & spirit.

The box containing the pyramid reflects the obstacles in life and our willingness to think outside the box while the circle represents the universe supporting us in everything we do.

Ultimately, the logo represents Therapeutic Professionals desire to help healthcare professionals in every aspect of their being by offering services that addressing issues that affect the whole person. (mind, body and spirit!).