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Mary Turner, RN

Business is personal and life is meant to be good! Mary values coaching nurses, physicians and healthcare business owners to get to the “root” of their problems instead of treating the “symptoms” of business dis-ease.

As a seasoned business professional with over 30 years of corporate healthcare experience, Mary is equipped to share common mistakes you can avoid with her solid bottom line coaching approach.  Recognized as a catalyst for life transformation, it’s only natural that Mary takes a holistic approach to business management.

Mary is a Certified EMyth Business Coach, Board Certified Nurse Coach and accomplished entrepreneur, Mary has coached and consulted CEO’s, Directors, Managers, Students and business owners.  In 2012, Mary was selected as the Nurse Entrepreneur of the Year by NBNA.  As the visionary and leadership for Therapeutic Professionals, Mary asserts that “only to the measure that we ourselves are healed, can we assist others to heal”.  Based in Houston, Texas with branches in 11 states, her company serves healthcare personnel by offering a wide range of services including CPR and Continuing Education classes for professional development; Recruitment placement services to assist in career advancement; Business consulting/coaching to health care workers who seek to become entrepreneurs and Massage Therapy as a form of stress management and holistic healing.

Known best as the listening specialist and accountability partner to those who care for others permits Mary to attract sincere, thought leaders and healthcare professionals who hold learning as a way of life and excellence as a way of being.  Mary’s passion is coaching and mentoring clients to reach their peak performance by reminding them of their highest potential and unlimited possibilities as expressions of a Higher Source.  She designs her coaching sessions and programs so that the participants really get the material and can skillfully apply it in their practice, rather than just being exposed to it.  She teaches with a rare blend of knowledge, passion, precision, humor, common sense, critical thinking and depth.

Believing we are all inter-connected no matter where we live in the world, Mary see’s the people in our lives as mirrors of our self.  We are constantly attracting these people to assist us in being all we are created to be.  Finding Mary is no accident and she welcomes the opportunity to grow with you!

Mary is committed to life-long learning and continuous personal growth and development.  The study of metaphysics and ontological learning fascinate her.  She enjoys dancing, reading, skiing, cycling and meditation.  What she cherishes most is quality time with self.  When she is not working, you will find her travelling to new regions of the earth she’s not yet explored.  Unlike most people, she prefers to drive long distance instead of flying.  It allows her to take in all of the subtle scenic changes along the way most people take for granted.  Her adventurous side tends to be spontaneous.  Tasting international foods and discovering cultural likes and differences deepens her love and understanding of people all over the world.  She loves to laugh and be around happy people.  We invite you to be a part of her world!