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Kelly Smith – CPC

Kelly has a passionate vision: that of empowering women and girls in their perceptions of themselves, their relationship to the world, the natural leaders they are, the difference they make, and having them be fully self-expressed as the powerful beings they are.  With a background that merges healing, communication, teaching and coaching, Kelly has integrated her message and vision, and has altered the lives of many through her dynamic keynote presentations, workshops and seminars — leading to over 1,000 audiences and her newly best selling book on Amazon, “Jane in the Jungle, A Bold Feminine Leadership Model for the New Millennium.”

Kelly doesn’t just teach healing.  She has lived the process in her own life and it has made a profound difference in insights learned, the choices she has made, her full-self-expression, and in living her own dreams of making a difference for others.  As a healing practitioner and owner of Retreat in the Jungle, she provides services which include: massage & reiki healing, empowerment parties & retreats, and chair massage for events.  Her first speech was entitled “Soar to Success Minus the Stress” on the Benefits of Massage, which landed her a 10-year contract with a leading International Seminar Company.

Her passion for empowering others to be the gift they are to this world is evident in her presentation style.  Kelly has been called a “ball of fire,” “uplifting,” ”engaging,” “motivating,” “funny,” “a source of inspiration and introspection,” and “dynamic.”  Kelly is an expert in emotional intelligence and how it pertains to human beings designing a life that works and a life they love.  She is a down-to-earth speaker who backs up her content by authentically sharing stories of overcoming adversity and managing life within life’s terms. People relate to her experiences and stories and get a good laugh in seeing their own humanity.